Adventurous Music is a non-profit artist collective that has evolved from some different other artist groups around the beginning of the 21st century. By then, these artists had already been organizing audio-visual events in outstanding locations such as monuments, galleries, and museums as well as in clubs, bars, and cafes, and they continue to do so.

We are a group of artists that appreciate experimental audio and visual art. Adventurous Music is foremost a community project that we share and are passionate about. For us, it is the most rewarding, to exchange great work with other artists, listeners, and collectors. We cooperate with independent radio stations and magazines to get our music heard. In many cases, we donate our income to good causes or use it to produce physical releases.

In 2019, we started our own non-profit micro-label focusing on the release of experimental electronic music. As a format, we exclusively chose limited eco-friendly printed goods (such as cards and books in small editions of < 50) that include visual artwork and a download code for the music.

TLO is a sublabel by Adventurous Music for noise rock, doom rock, and industrial rock music with an anarchistic attitude.

We are always interested in a huge variety of music genres so we would love to exchange releases with you or your label.

And just in case you love our sounds but cannot afford to buy our releases, please feel free to ask for a download code.

Submission Notes

Because we are foremost a community all AM artists get the full discography of AM releases for free in digital form.

Please also have in mind that we do not release tapes, vinyl, or CDs and that we do have a general design for our digital releases.

Also, we do not release content and/or artists that discriminate against or are disrespectful to other living beings.

By releasing your art on Adventurous Music, you will still hold the rights to all your art. And since we are only operating on Bandcamp for now, you are free to release your art by yourself on any platform you like.

So if you are an artist who appreciates these terms and likes to collaborate with us, please let us know!

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