Adventurous Music

Adventurous Music is a small group of artists who like to create unique audiovisual events in outstanding locations such as monuments, galleries and museums. Adventurous Music is also a label for experimental music and ideas.

2016 Raster Noton Label Night – Institut fuer Zukunft Leipzig

2015 Glitch – Galerie für zeitgenoessische Kunst Leipzig

2011-2013  Applied Sound Arts – Grassi / Museum für angewandte Kunst Leipzig

2008-2012 Anakronism – Moritzbastei  Leipzig

2004 Small Beats – Werk 2  Leipzig

2001-2015 Noise Floors at Wave-Gotik-Treffen – Moritzbastei  Leipzig, Germany

2000-2010 Industrialisation – WERK 2  / Halle A Leipzig