Thébru Čelet

Electronic musician, sound artist, experimental film maker and broadcaster of Grey Clay Radio

Čelet (aka DISORGANISM) explores relationships with Nature, technology, ancient consciousness and randomness. Residing in Frome (UK) he has performed at music events in south west England and has had several album and EP releases; tracks and remixes on compilations and collaborations with other artists.

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Upcoming Events

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2024 Hybris on AM 5th Anniversary Compilation (Adventurous Music) with INYAN & AMHKS

2024 Sucking The Ghosts From The Tarmac on AM 5th Anniversary Compilation (Adventurous Music) as Disorganism with Sunken Lanes

2024 Francis Théberge & Axophobe – Automatischer Lärm (Thébru Čelet Remix) (Adventurous Music)

2024 INYAN & Manuel Carbone – Styles Are A Lie (Flipped By Thébru Čelet) (Adventurous Music)

2024 Fear of Nature (Adventurous Music) as Disorganism

2023 Itztlacoliuhqui on Ice Heart Father compilation (Camembert Électrique)

2023 Francis Théberge & Axophobe – Noctambule (Thébru Čelet Remix) (Adventurous Music)

2023 Shreds of Decency on Welcome to Gaza compilation (<1)

2023 A Curious Buoyancy on Relatives Schoensein compilation (Adventurous Music) as Disorganism

2023 Disorganism on Pattern Recognition 1: 260823 compilation (Pattern Recognition) as Disorganism

2023 Čelet/Carbone (Adventurous Music) with Manuel Carbone

2023 Shedding Life on Anno Mortis compilation (<1) as Disorganism with Terminal Optimism

2022 A Thyrsus (self-released) as Disorganism