Multidisciplinary artist, micro-label manager, and event organizer. Also known as halo7, Audible Masticators, and Hendekagon. Part of the bands, Morin Heights Doom Quintet, Interessengemeinschaft Für Industrielle Klangerzeugung, and Vaduzer Hand. Co-creator of the GNM Noise Floors at Wave Gotik Treffen (2001-2016), the Anakronism series, and Industrialisation. Co-founder of artist collectives Global Noise Movement and Adventurous Music.

Upcoming Events

May 16th 2024 halo7 30th Anniversary at Wired / WGT Noise Floors – Moritzbastei Leipzig, Germany


2024 Occurrence /Vorkommen (Video Edit) on Dérapage Sonore -1- Compilation (Adventurous Music)

2024 Lines (Adventurous Music) with Fail

2024 AM 5th Anniversary (Adventurous Music) as Signalstoerung, Hendekagon, The Last Odonians, Audible Masticators & AMHKS

2024 Francis Théberge & Axophobe – Automatischer Lärm (Signalstoerung Remix)(Adventurous Music)

2024 Full Moon Sonata (Grey Clay Radio) as Hendekagon

2024 Circular Motion (Adventurous Music) as Hendekagon

2024 INYAN & Manuel Carbone – Glossing Over Reality (Flipped by Signalstoerung) (Adventurous Music)

2024 There Is No Freedom feat. Kate Bosworth & Thedi (Human Geography Recordings) as Hendekagon

2023 INYAN & Hendekagon – Circles (Adventurous Music)

2023 Francis Théberge & Axophobe – Noctambule (Hendekagon Remix) (Adventurous Music)

2023 Imagine on Welcome To Gaza Compilation (<1)

2023 RS2 on Relatives Schoensein 2 Compilation (Adventurous Music) as Hendekagon

2023 IX on Echoes From The House Of The Deaf Compilation (Adventurous Music) as Hendekagon

2023 Audible Masticators – Until Drone Do Us Part (Hendekagon Rework) (Adventurous Music) as Hendekagon

2023 Lament (Inner Demons Records) as Audible Masticators

2023 The Unseeing Eye (Adventurous Music) as Hendekagon

2022 I (TLO Records) as Morin Heights Doom Quintet

2022 Until Drone Do Us Part (Adventurous Music) as Audible Masticators

2022 Doors Of Deception (Adventurous Music) as Audible Masticators

2022 Dulce Et Decorum Est on Dulce Et Decorum Est Compilation (Dulce Et Decorum Est) as Hendekagon

2022 We Will Prevail on TQUKR Compilation (TQ Zine) as Hendekagon

2022 AIM on NTWRK01 Compilation (<1)

2022 Burnt Fields on Stand With Ukraine Compilation (<1)

2022 Doors Of Deception on No More War Pigs Compilation (Industrial Coast) as Hendekagon

2022 Nothing Is Hurt, Nothing Is Lost (TLO Records) as Morin Heights Doom Quintet

2022 Constructive Feedback (Adventurous Music) as Audible Masticators

2022 Based On Your Interests (TLO Records) as The Last Odonians

2021 Nyppy – At Long Last (Signalstoerung Remix) (self-released)

2021 Psalms For The Unreligious (Inner Demons Records) as Hendekagon

2021 X and Synchronicité on AM 10th Anniversary Compilation (Adventurous Music) as Signalstoerung & Hendekagon

2021 Stendeck – Red Neon (Signalstoerung Remix) (Hymen Records)

2021 Rust (Adventurous Music) as Hendekagon

2021 Francis Theberge – Doomjazz Variation IV (Hendekagon Remix) (Adventurous Music)

2021 A (Hymen Records)

2021 Elias Zorn – Devil Inside (Hendekagon Remix) & Black Meditation (Signalstoerung Remix) (Adventurous Music)

2021 Fervent Dots (Adventurous Music) as Hendekagon

2020 A New Beginning (Adventurous Music) as Hendekagon

2020 Trimmed, Trammed & Truncated w/ F. Theberge (Adventurous Music) as Hendekagon

2020 UUH (Reprise) on Relatives Schoensein Compilation (Adventurous Music)

2020 Relatives Schoensein on Relatives Schoensein Compilation (Adventurous Music) as Hendekagon

2020 Viel Laerm Um Nichts (Oxidation Label)

2020 The Dreams I Can’t Remember(Adventurous Music) as Hendekagon

2020 This Will Improve Your Reputation As A Music Collector (Adventurous Music)

2019 INYAN –Still (Signalstoerung Remix) (Adventurous Music)

2019 Sale (Adventurous Music)

2019 The Contemporaneity Of Six Moments (Adventurous Music) as Hendekagon

2019 16Pad Noise Terrorist – Minimal (Signalstoerung Remix)(Hands Productions)

2019 UU (Hymen Records)

2019 Is This Art? (Adventurous Music)

2019 Religioes Unmusikalisch (Adventurous Music) as Hendekagon

2019 No Moon Yet on 5 Years Of Naviar Haiku Compilation (Naviar Records) as Hendekagon

2018 IDR (Inner Demons Records)

2018 S (Hymen Records)

2016 The Empath – Below & Above Zero (Signalstoerung Remix) (Hymen Records)

2015 Sans Fin – Obscuritè (Signalstoerung Remix) (Raumklang Music)

2014 MC1R – Atmospheric Tides (Signalstoerung Remix) (Nick Jonath)

2012 Cassablanca on Elektroanschlag 8 Compilation (Elektroanschlag) with Interessengemeinschaft Für Industrielle Klangerzeugung

2010 Thorazine Youth (self-released) with Vaduzer Hand

2007 Excerpts From Recording Sessions 2005-2007 (self-released) with Interessengemeinschaft Für Industrielle Klangerzeugung

2006 Live At Elektroanschlag (self-released) with Interessengemeinschaft Für Industrielle Klangerzeugung

2006 Wojtyla on Elektroanschlag 2 Compilation (Elektroanschlag) with Interessengemeinschaft Für Industrielle Klangerzeugung


2023 Relatives Schoensein 2 Exhibition & Experimental Music  – Aquarium Leipzig, Germany

2023 La Revolucion Industrial – Moritzbastei Leipzig, Germany

2023 Krachathon – Spxlxnkx Leipzig, Germany

2022 Wired 13 / WGT Noise Floors – Moritzbastei Leipzig, Germany

2020/2021 Relatives Schoensein Interactive Exhibition  – Sowiewir Leipzig, Germany

2019 Tales From Dark Places  1 & 2 – Sowiewir Leipzig, Germany

2016 GNM15YRS – Sowiewir Leipzig, Germany

2016 A Space Traveller’s Guide To Haumea – Sowiewir Leipzig, Germany (as Hendekagon)

2015 Raster Noton Label Night – Institut fuer Zukunft Leipzig, Germany

2015 Glitch – GFZK / Gallery For Contemporary Arts Leipzig, Germany

2011-2013 Applied Sound Arts – Grassi / Museum For Applied Arts Leipzig, Germany

2009 FUZE – Slimelight London, United Kingdom

2009 Break It – Metronom Club Dresden, Germany

2008-2012 Anakronism – Moritzbastei Leipzig, Germany

2008 FFF – Laika Montreal, Canada

2008 MachtMusik Festival / Forum Contemporary Music Leipzig – Moritzbastei Leipzig, Germany

2008 Virtualized Behavior – HGB / Academy Of Fine Arts Leipzig, Germany

2007 Schlagstrom Festival – RAW Temple Berlin, Germany

2007 Forms Of Hands – Maschinenhalle Zeche Zweckel Gladbeck, Germany

2007 Elektroanschlag – Kanonenhaus Altenburg, Germany

2006 Schachtfrequenz Festival – BPM Club Zwickau, Germany

2006 Decibelio International Festival of Experimental Art – Macumba Club Madrid, Spain

2006 Berlinoize – Pulp Mansion Berlin, Germany

2006 Elektroanschlag – Kanonenhaus Altenburg, Germany

2005 What’z Up – G16 Leipzig, Germany

2005 Resistance Festival – Slimelight London, United Kingdom

2004 Small Beats – Werk 2 Leipzig, Germany

2004 Psychatrie Party – Darkflower Leipzig, Germany

2003 Industrial Attack Festival – BPM Club Zwickau, Germany

2002 Resistance Is Futile – VL Halle, Germany

2002 Krach(o)mat – Werk 2 / Halle 5 Leipzig, Germany

2001-2015 Noise Floors at Wave-Gotik-Treffen – Moritzbastei Leipzig, Germany

2000-2010 Industrialisation – WERK 2 / Halle A Leipzig, Germany

2000-2005 Industrial Culture – Moritzbastei Leipzig, Germany

1998-1999 Industrial Disco – Werk 2 / Halle 5 Leipzig, Germany

1996-1997 Noise Night – KJH Bad Lausick, Germany

1994 Electric Cafe – Anker Leipzig, Germany