Stefano Loiacono

Deriving inspiration from the compositional style used by murals, graffiti, mosaics and stained glass, namely artistic forms accessible in public spaces, Stefano Loiacono’s paintings combine colours into an aggregation of organic shapes, lines and alphabetical letters. 

With the specific goal to maintain the original malleability of the various textiles used as base, each artwork is left untethered, for the intention is to expand the possibility for painting to merge with various media, ranging from sculpture to installation, photography and performance.

Stefano Loiacono is also one of the founding members of the 2chairs artspace project.

Upcoming Events


Solo Exhibitions

2017 All Is Fair – Expost Moderno Bari, Italy 

Group exhibitions

2023 Chair2Chair – Culterim Gallery Gesundrunnen Berlin, Germany

2023 How to Play Chairs – Daumenlutscher (Part of 48 Stunden Neukölln Festival) Berlin, Germany

2023 Duals – 2chairs artspace at artspring PopUpStore Berlin, Germany

2022 KritKölln Zeitraum für Zweifel – Top Project Space Berlin, Germany

2021 KritKölln Beilage – Lebensmittel Berlin, Germany

2019 Bye Bye Elbe – Elbe Studio Berlin, Germany

2018 Occupy Flutgraben – Flutgraben e.V. Berlin, Germany

2014 C0mpar7 – Kulter at Vlla Amsterdam, The Netherlands 

2013 3ch0 – Kulter Gallery Amsterdam, The Netherlands 

2012 Pink Kerstmarkt – P.A.X. Gallery Amsterdam, The Netherlands 

2012 Love Now – De Nieuwe Galerie Amsterdam, The Netherlands 


2023 ManiFashion Show – Culterim Gallery Gesundbrunnen Berlin, Germany

2023 ChairsBerg – Startbahn Genezarethkirche Berlin, Germany

2023 ManiFashion #3 – 2chairs artspace at artspring PopUpStore Berlin, Germany

2020 Singular – Acker Stadt Palast Berlin, Germany 

2015 Bow – Waterhouse Amsterdam, The Netherlands

2013 United/Divisions – Jabu Arnell’s GroepSexPositie Amsterdam, The Netherlands

2013 Rangoli – Paradiso Amsterdam, The Netherlands