Manuel Carbone

I am a sound experimentalist and noise artist based in Berlin.
Guided by a profound fascination for the rawest aspects of acousmatic music, in my practice I embrace errors, glitches, and distortions as essential elements to challenge conventional auditory perceptions.

My sonic palette is diverse, weaving together found and synthesized sounds, field recording and cassette loops to construct immersive aural landscapes. Central to my vision is the exploration of recollection, memory, and hauntology and each composition serves as a medium for introspection.

Collaboration plays a pivotal role in my processes, as I believe in the power of collective exploration and shared creativity. Through collaborative works, I draw inspiration from the intersection of diverse perspectives, resulting in sonic experiences that transcend individual boundaries and resonate on a communal level.

Upcoming Events

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2024 The Mosgrove Facility (Falt) with Conducive

2024 False Modernity (Adventurous Music) with INYAN

2023 Leipzig 21/10/23 (Adventurous Music)

2023 Francis Théberge & Axophobe – Insomnia (M. Carbone Remix) (Adventurous Music)

2023 Tempo E Forma on Relatives Schoensein Compilation (Adventurous Music)

2023 ČELET / CARBONE (Adventurous Music) with Thébru Čelet

2023 Coral Melodies (Adventurous Music)

2023 Here #9 (Here Free Press) with African Ghost Valley

2022 Outlines (self-released)


2023 Relatives Schoensein Exhibition – Aquarium Leipzig, Germany

2023 Aqua Biosphere – MS Stubnitz Hamburg, Germany

2023 Acud Macht Neu, Berlin, Germany

2023 I Hope This Will Resonate With You – Errant Sound Berlin, Germany