DJane and Musician. Co-founder of Adventurous Music and Global Noise Movement. Co-creator of the Global Noise Movement Noise Floors at Wave Gotik Treffen, the Anakronism series, and Industrialisation. Experimental electronica. Plays various instruments and her vocal cords sometimes, but never ever plays the same set twice.

Listen to her recent sets on Mixcloud and watch her mixing on Vimeo.

Upcoming Events

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2024 Nīlak with TiND

2024 amor fati (disorganism) with Čelet

2024 What Kind Of Plant Are You? (Adventurous Music) with Corina Retzlaff

2024 Hybris on AM 5th Anniversary Compilation (Adventurous Music) with Thébru Čelet & AMHKS

2024 Arbeiterlied on AM 5th Anniversary Compilation (Adventurous Music) with The Last Odonians

2024 Francis Théberge & Axophobe – Automatischer Lärm (INYAN Remix) (Adventurous Music)

2024 False Modernity (Adventurous Music) with Manuel Carbone

2023 Circles (Adventurous Music) with Hendekagon

2023 Francis Théberge & Axophobe – Insomnia (INYAN Remix) (Adventurous Music)

2023 Hello on Welcome To Gaza Compilation (<1)

2023 Modern Witch on Relatives Schoensein 2 Compilation (Adventurous Music)

2023 II on Echoes From The House Of The Deaf Compilation (Adventurous Music) 

2023 dissociate – Branches (INYAN Remix) (Give/Take)

2023 Audible Masticators – Until Drone Do Us Part (INYAN Rework) (Adventurous Music) 

2023 Sun (Adventurous Music)

2023 Hope on Women of Noise For Kherson Compilation (Women of Noise)

2023 Live at Wired 14 (Adventurous Music)

2023 Live at Planet Myer Day (Adventurous Music)

2022 Morin Heights Doom Quintet – No Talk feat. INYAN (TLO Records)

2022 Doors Of Deception (INYAN Rework) (Adventurous Music)

2022 Bewildered Remixed (Adventurous Music)

2022 Bewildered (Adventurous Music) with Corina Retzlaff

2022 Tip Tap on TQUKR Compilation (TQ Zine)

2022 Dulce Et Decorum Est on Dulce Et Decorum Est Compilation (Dulce Et Decorum Est) with Hendekagon

2022 Audible Masticators – Constructive Feedback (INYAN Rework) on Stand With Ukraine Compilation (<1) 

2022 INYAN_presents… (Adventurous Music)

2021 Ten on AM 10th Anniversary Compilation (Adventurous Music)

2021 Elias Zorn – Work Of Synapses (INYAN Remix) (Adventurous Music)

2021 Hendekagon – Fervent Dots (INYAN Remix) (Adventurous Music)

2020 One Little DJane – Theme of One Little DJane – A Flipbook Adventure (Adventurous Music)

2020 This Very Moment on Relatives Schoensein Compilation (Adventurous Music)

2019 Still (Adventurous Music)


2023 Adventurous Music Spezial – FSK Hamburg, Germany

2023 Relatives Schoensein 2 Exhibition & Experimental Music  – Aquarium Leipzig, Germany

2023 MDR Kultur WGT Spezial – Halle/Saale, Germany

2023 Wired 14 / WGT Noise Floors – Moritzbastei Leipzig, Germany

2023 Planet Myer Day 19 – Moritzbastei Leipzig, Germany

2022 Wired 13 / WGT Noise Floors – Moritzbastei Leipzig, Germany

2020 Relatives Schoensein Interactive Exhibition Vernissage – Sowiewir Leipzig, Germany

2016 GNM15YRS – Sowiewir Leipzig, Germany

2015 N8SCHICHT – Kulturfabrik Haldensleben, Germany

2015 Raster Noton Label Night – Institut fuer Zukunft Leipzig, Germany

2015 Glitch – GFZK / Gallery For Contemporary Arts Leipzig, Germany

2011-2013 Applied Sound Arts – Grassi / Museum For Applied Arts Leipzig, Germany

2009-2010 It’s Okay To Dance – Moritzbastei Leipzig, Germany

2009 Selfmaid! – Zoro Leipzig, Germany

2009 Campusfest – Richard Wagner Hain Leipzig, Germany

2009 Break it! – Metronom Dresden, Germany

2009 FUZE – Slimelight London, United Kingdom

2008 La Revolucion Industrial – Club der HTWK Leipzig, Germany

2008 Virtualized Behavior – HGB / Academy Of Fine Arts Leipzig, Germany

2008-2012 Anakronism – Moritzbastei Leipzig, Germany

2007 Schlagstrom Festival – RAW Temple Berlin, Germany

2007 Forms Of Hands – Maschinenhalle Zeche Zweckel Gladbeck, Germany

2007 Elektroanschlag – Kanonenhaus Altenburg, Germany

2006/2008 MachtMusik Festival / Forum Zeitgenössischer Musik Leipzig – Moritzbastei Leipzig, Germany

2006/2007 Electric Eclectic – Moritzbastei Leipzig, Germany

2006 Schachtfrequenz Festival – BPM Club Zwickau, Germany

2006 Decibelio International Festival of Experimental Art – Macumba Club Madrid, Spain

2006 Berlinoize – Pulp Mansion Berlin, Germany

2006 Wired IV – Moritzbastei Leipzig, Germany

2005 What’z Up – G16 Leipzig, Germany

2005 Resistance Festival – Slimelight London, United Kingdom

2004 Psychatrie Party – Darkflower Leipzig, Germany

2003 Industrial Attack Festival – BPM Club Zwickau, Germany

2002 Resistance Is Futile – VL Halle, Germany

2002 Krach(o)mat – Werk 2 / Halle 5 Leipzig, Germany

2001-2015 Noise Floors at Wave-Gotik-Treffen – Moritzbastei Leipzig, Germany

2000-2010 Industrialisation – WERK 2 / Halle A Leipzig, Germany

2000-2005 Industrial Culture – Moritzbastei Leipzig, Germany

Featured on

2023 Side-Line Magazine

2023 Fringes of Sound 

2023 MDR Kultur

2022 Grey Clay Radio

2022 Women of Noise

2020 FrohFroh

2016 GNM15YRS

2015 The Leipzig Glocal

Played on

No-Shit Radio (UK)

Dark Train – Mutation Apex Radio (UK)

Space Is The Place Radio


RauschZeit (GER)

Beware! The Radio

Eternal Fusion Radio

La Face B Radio (CAN)