AM favorite releases 2023

This is a selection of favorite releases by other labels in 2023 curated by Signalstoerung:

Abu Ama + BedouinDrone – Dawlat L​ī​biyyā (Mahorka)

African Ghost Valley & Manuel Carbone – Here #8 (Here Free Press)

Agalma Isle – Warrens (Self-released)

Amma Ateria – Concussssions (Dragon’s Eye)

Anthéne & David Cordero – Lost Under The Sea (Home Normal)

Big/Brave – Nature Morte (Thrill Jockey)

BMH – Prolapse (For Gerry​)​/​Posh Bloke Says Cunt 113 Times with Drew Mulholland (Irregular Patterns)

Body/Head – Come On (Longform Editions)

Brien Hindman – Symbiosis (Ant-Zen)

Demetrio Cecchitelli – Infinite Gesture (Roh’s)

Defrag – Lost Worlds (Hymen)

Detachment 九 – Tendency To Be Buried (Hard Return)

EleOnora – Tuuljamuud (Cruel Nature)

Elyse Tabet and Jawad Nawfal – Outpost (VV-VA)

False Maria – False Maria (The Helen Scarsdale Agency)

Fashiongore – Remembering December (Self-released)

Frank Riggio – Lo (Hymen)

Herbst In Peking – Nachtflug (Moloko Plus)

iKKi Duo – Wandering Rocks (Syrphe)

Iván Muela – Anamnesis (Sine Language)

Jaycock/Burge – Vol. 3 Systems (Human Geography)

Jettenbach – A Meditation on Procrastination (Inner Demons)

K Nogami & Circa Alto – Oyasumi (Fracture)

Machinefabriek – Gruwel (Self-released)

Mieko Suzuki – Oedipus, Herrscher (Raster)

Milieu – Dusk Maps (Self-released)

Philippe Blache – Across the Silence and the Shade (Mahorka)

Pietro Zollo – A Long Cold Journey (Roh’s)

Poppy H – Nothing Is Perfect, Everything Is Perfect (Self-released)

Rati Baramadze – From The State Of Order To The State Of Disorder (Fallen Metropolis)

Riotmiloo – Blackout (Ant-Zen)

Risabella Miranda & Fahmi M. – Inside (Self-released)

Swans – The Beggar (Young God)

Tape Loop Orchestra – Onde Sinusoi​̈​dale Et Bande Magne​́​tique (Quiet Details)

Teresa Riemann – Caracoler dans les abattoirs (Self-released)

They Fucked Against The Pink Belly Of A Dying Sun – Glacier Gospel (Self-released)

This Floating World – Floatings (Whitelabrecs)

Tulpa Twin – Companionable Solitude (Move Quiet)

Xu & Oberlin – Retrograde Amnesia (Slow Tone Collage)

Yann Novak – The Voice of Theseus (Room40)