digitalsakura – lasociétéduspectacle

In a society where images become commodities and life turns into a spectacle, we assume roles dictated by the script of consumption. Every step, every gesture is choreographed and arranged into a grand performance where reality merges with imitation.

Semiotics replace essence, and superficial signs and symbols mask true emotions. The spectacle becomes all-consuming, plunging us into a world of illusions and counterfeits where the consumption of images outweighs existence itself. In this mass theater, we are not ourselves but rather the roles imposed by media images and socio-cultural stereotypes.

Meanwhile, in the ocean of mass culture, reality disappears under the avalanche of spectacle. People become spectators of their own lives, not participants, consumed by the cult of consumption and the myth of image. Where individuality blurs into collective amnesia, the boundaries between the real and the counterfeit vanish.

We become captives of spectacle, where the world is ruled not by personal stories but by the manipulations of media and commerce. We live in an era where the spectacle of life intertwines with advertising, turning us into actors without our own play, deprived of the opportunity to understand our role in this grand theater of illusions.”

digitalsakura is an anonymous experimental artist collective and is well-known for its interdisciplinary releases.