Dragon – Between Here And Nowhere

Peter has been involved in the alternative electronic scene for some time,  having releases and remixes on leading labels such as World Serpent and Ant-Zen. As Dragon of Dragon & Jettenbach (with Paul Jetten), he has also released on Point Source Electronic Arts, Component Recordings, and Errorgrid amongst others.

In 2022 Peter founded the Ryu Recordings Label, offering quality alternative electronic music digitally and on extremely limited 3″ CDs. Following the inaugural release of Dragon’s “From Silence, Impermeable Space”, Ryu published Sommerfeld’s “Alpha 137” in March 2023  – with more titles to be released this year.

„I’m proud to present Between Here and Nowhere on Adventurous Music, a great experimental label, whose output I really admire.
This work is my thoughts and feelings on mankind’s current and future relationship with technology. Will we be able to catch the genie in the bottle or not?“
Peter Adjobia