INYAN – Bewildered

Bewildered is the new conceptional work in form of a book by INYAN/Corina Retzlaff, which includes amazing illustrations, incredible poems, and an exciting soundtrack.

Have you ever wondered what animals might think regarding certain human actions and behavior? And have you ever asked yourself what this planet would be like if humans would treat animals with respect and would pay attention to their needs starting with the little things?

This book is dedicated to these creatures that are not yet on the red list of threatened species but nevertheless harmed by people in everyday interactions. The book aims to show the beauty of each animal (illustration) and what they might think or feel in certain interactions with humans (poetry). The design is as minimal as possible to focus on just the single animal and the one depicted moment or traditional assumption. This book is for every single human being.

Corina Retzlaff is a writer, illustrator, and editor living in Leipzig, Germany. As INYAN, she also makes music. In Bewildered she describes what she observes.