INYAN / Corina Retzlaff – What Kind Of Plant Are You?

Also known as INYAN, Corina is an interdisciplinary artist in writing, music, and illustration from Leipzig, Germany with a background in Cultural Studies. She mostly creates weird short stories, experimental electronica, and watercolor paintings.

Her work has been featured on MDR Kultur, FrohFroh, The Leipzig Glocal, Grey Clay Radio, No-Shit Radio, Dark Train – Mutation Apex Radio, Space Is The Place Radio, CiTR-FM, RauschZeit, Beware! The Radio, Eternal Fusion Radio, La Face B Radio, in the Women of Noise zine, and has been reviewed by Fringes of Sound and Side-Line Magazine.

WHAT KIND OF PLANT ARE YOU? comes as a set with 13 postcards (eco-friendly and climate neutral printed) including illustrations, photographs and a poem by Corina Retzlaff and music by INYAN.