Ivan Muela & Meneh Peh – Ibidem

‘Ibidem’ is a collaborative project between experimental composer Iván Muela and visual artist Meneh Peh. It is presented as a 3-hour drone ambient album accompanied by a book of analog photo collages inspired by the music and the creative process behind it.

“I’ve always been fascinated by the movement embedded in apparent stillness, like when you focus your attention on the surface of a lake and start noticing the ever-evolving patterns and the chaos happening in the water. Each track is made using one single signal chain, often consisting of my own handmade synthesisers, housed in coffee tins and glass jars, and a series of guitar pedals. I wanted to take a single held tone or chord and spread it over time like paint on a canvas, observing the subtle harmonic shifts and drifts take place as the tracks slowly morph from faint distant tones to solid distorted soundscapes. The process was meditative, cathartic and at times violent – but ultimately human and fragile”. Ivan Muela