Signalstoerung “S” (Hymen Records)

With his debut release ‘s’ he has created a new and different form of electronic music, which is a result of long-standing preoccupation with the pureness of stretched sounds, low bpm rates and the aesthetic value of noise.

this album should be viewed not only as a collection of tracks, but as a coherent opus divided into individual, tightly coiled segments. although signalstoerung’s sonic work is clearly unique, references to mick harris, mechthild von leusch or the raster-noton label might be given. on ‘s’ he delivers a fascinating and mesmerizing combination of repetitive music with slow dub beats, melodic leanings and abstract minimalism. a great arena of sublime and disturbing sounds and treatments where each single tone keeps together the fragile construction and each element is precisely placed in intensity, void and volume.

if the ability to dance had been given to circuits, the slowly eroding continual rhythms of ‘s’ combined with its sparse and menacing abstract sequences would be their favourite input. highly recommended.

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