Paolo Calabrese – 610

Paolo Calabrese is an Italian artist with a focus on sound capacities like unconventional tunings, exploration of psychoacoustic properties, and perceptions phenomena. In his works, he tends to reduce the language to specified numbers of essential elements, lacking as many denotative meanings as possible, trying to transform the medium used in a technique of linguistic investigation of an analytical and self-reflective nature. Labels such as Here Free Press, Hxagrm, Subsist, Exprec, Corpus Black have documented his works so far.

Eloisa Calabrese is a multi-disciplinary artist in expressionist and informal painting, performance, and poetry. Currently, she is working on instinctive and gestural interaction with sound.

Together with Francesco Bux both artists recently found the research group Space-Time Frame.

Music by Paolo Calabrese / Cover Art by Eloisa Calabrese