Quatrefoil – Concurrence Madder

Croatia’s Quatrefoil is presenting his second release Concurrence Madder on AM.

“Concurrence Madder is the next step in the exploration of possible relations between found sound and instruments.

These are four true stories, connected by a common thread that is the complicated relationship between human and machine. When you add nature into the mix (as in tracks 1 and 3) things tend to complicate further and each of the three sides takes turns in being an ally, a villain, a victim or a neutral observer. Every track is inspired by a specific story in which human and machine “communicate”, but tracks were also built responding and replying to the sounds of machines.

Tracks 1 and 3 are based on intense affairs – a personal experience and an event from the other side of the world, respectively. Track 2 is a game. Track 4 is a tribute to a time when making music in your bedroom meant something very different, yet somehow very similar. Harmony and dissonance both find their place, but the overarching feeling is meant to be one of peace, of accord. Hopefully the music communicates this.” Quatrefoil