Signalstoerung – UU

‘uu’ is a concept album based on radioactive chemical elements. because of the extreme instability some of these elements exist only for split seconds – nevertheless they release enormous power during their short lifespan. this concentrated power is perfectly translated into music with a foundation of slow percussive tension bundled with punctured slices of abstract sheets of noise and subtle melodic minimalism. a distinctive, flawless atmosphere of fragility and strength, highly recommended for home listening at high volume. 

AM Podcast 51 – No Measurements Are Necessary

Signalstoerung’s podcast for Adventurous Music feat. music from Wajid Yaseen (a.k.a. 2nd Gen and Uniform)


AM Podcast 43 – The Alva Noto Remodel

Signalstoerung’s Podcast 43 for Adventurous Music feat. Remixes by Alva Noto.



INYAN, 1323, TIND and Signalstoerung > Raster Noton Label Night at IfZ


Signalstoerung will perform a special Raster Noton Tribute with four decks and the backcatalogue of the label at Institut fuer Zukunft Leipzig.

further acts: 1323 / INYAN / Kyoka / Byetone / Kangding Ray / Subkutan

video artists: Photamer / Francis Theberge / Alexander Stephan