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Θ & Nyppy – Black Door

The black door gives access to alternative versions of similar realities. What is real? What is it to be here? What is? Just like the material under your feet feels like the ground even though you may be on the top floor of a building, so is the vision of things around us determined by consciousness and limitations of the mind. Where and when is the start of a nebula and when does it end? Can you hold a plume of smoke in your hands or knock down the sound of the rain?

The collection of photographs accompanying this release concerns matters of perspective. Some of these pictures may be answers, or may some of them be questions?

How we see is the most important part – not what. So how do you see these sounds and interpret these visions?

Black Door is the fourth part of the Adventurous Music Book Series presenting a unique collaboration between Greek-born, Norway-based Θ (Theta) and german Nyppy including a collection of black and white photographs and four dark ambient tracks.

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