David Strother & Mark Hjorthoy – Slavery Of The Bees

Sovereign of many, pulled from her rightful palace to spend a life in servitude.

Create a legion of unquestioning followers, and relinquish your treasures to those who control you.

This is no country. This is no realm, this is our slavery of the bees, from what the queen sees. 


A four part study from David Strother and Mark Hjorthoy. The judgement is not from the authors, merely the folktales told from the ruler of the hive. 


David Strother is an electric violinist and composer based in Southern California, where he creates music from the intersection of technology and the natural world.  His body of work features a number of exploratory solo collections including the recent EPs “Ghost Voices,” “El Tecolote Sings Songs to the Night” and “Transmitter.”  He is also a member of the DBC:Unit trio  (with Breeze Smith and Carl Royce) and Space Yard, a duo project with lap steel virtuoso Scot Ray.  David also composed and performed the soundtrack for the critically acclaimed Corey Deshon-directed independent film “Daughter,” which screened at Cannes in 2022.  His composition “Almaraz” was part of the soundtrack for the art documentary “Carlos Almaraz: Playing With Fire,”  released globally in 2019.

Mark Hjorthoy is a musician/artist/writer from Canada’s West Coast. His music varies from project to project, but all deeply rooted in creating atmospheres to pull emotions from the listener. He creates music under his own name, and as “The Deep Bleed”. He collaborates with Don Verbrilli on his project “Telefuzz” and is one quarter of a collective known as “Blinking Things” with Dan & Cristina Handrabur and Don Verbrilli.