Luiz Ser Eu – Al​é​m deles e de tudo…

>> This is the ending, which shows the bigger picture.

It’s not like seeing something you couldn’t see before, the difference is that now I have a larger scope of everything that happened before this point, and this brings peace to my heart and mind.

Now there is harmony between all things that were meant to be impossible to co-exist. I always knew that it was possible, but I needed to be extremely persevering and precise to reach this point.

The destructive structures are revealed to be not that destructive, but destruction is necessary when needed. This creates harmony: not between good and evil – it’s beyond that.

The constant sound that keeps fading away that could be seen before as destructive shows that when it is not louder than the drums, the opposite could be also a perception of one.

As I said before – the truth is not a balance between good and evil. And this proves that.

The long and massive sound that keeps going is the larger scope that I talked about before.

It’s time to go to where we belong.

True Love always wins. <<

Luiz Ser Eu is an interdisciplinary artist in music, sound, painting and video, living in Brazil.