NStant – Frequencies Within

NStant is the collaborative outlet of Nour Sokhon and Stephanie Merchak. Their creations are based on improvisation through the use of field recordings, interview material, voice, objects and synthesized sounds.

“Frequencies Within” is a collection of pieces that make a whole intended to be listened to seamlessly. It combines scattered bits with long evolving sounds which are used to shift the listening experience into an otherworldly atmosphere. The sonic textures that are woven into the album are inspired by the cacophonous yet harmonious nature of Beirut’s sounds and ubiquitous green vegetation, the capital city of both artists’ homelands.

“Frequencies Within” is composed of data (interviews, plants’ electrical signals – using a bio- sonification device, and field recordings) that Sokhon and Merchak collected from the Grüna region during their residency at Bauernhof Grüna, in the summer of 2019. The titles of the tracks of the album form a poem written by Merchak.

The album morphs and evolves each time it is performed. It is influenced by two factors, the plant’s electricity signal flow and the location of the performance. The plant’s physiological state affects the signal flow it emanates and field recordings collected in Grüna are constantly being reinterpreted depending on the plant’s reaction to the venue of the live performance.

Nour Sokhon is a Lebanese artist currently based in Berlin, Germany. Her creative practice is centered around exploring different methods of working with artistic research including interview material, field recordings and recorded material from an organized site specific intervention. The research is then translated into sound/music compositions, performances, interactive installations and moving image work.

Stephanie Merchak is a Lebanese/Belgian sound designer, composer, improviser and live performer currently based in Oslo, Norway. She has an academic background in music from the Higher National Music Conservatory in Beirut, Lebanese University/Pedagogy Faculty and USEK university/Musicology Faculty.