• One Little DJane – A Flipbook Adventure

    Just in time for her 20th anniversary as a sound artist INYAN surprises us with this flipbook adventure and a new track specially made for the book. INYAN is known for her eclectic experimental electronic DJ-sets in the German noise scene and as co-founder of the international artist collectives Global Noise Movement and Adventurous Music.

  • V. A. – Relatives Schoensein

    Relatives Schoensein is a non-profit art collaboration. The book shows photographs of excerpts of weathered and partly destroyed street art. For each photograph, there is a soundtrack created by a sound artist. All in all, there are over 40 sound artists from all over the world ( including Australia, Canada, Germany, Greece, Iceland, Italy, Japan, Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Russia, UK and USA) who have contributed to this project. There will be a download code for this compilation of tracks within the book.

  • INYAN – Still

    With Still INYAN wonders: Can indigenous peoples and modern human beings co-exist peacefully? Still by INYAN is the fourth part of the Adventurous Music Cardboard Series featuring experimental electronic music with a critical attitude towards society.