The Owl – Earth Drone

“Long-form drones to disappear inside. Releasing on the Winter solstice (the shortest daylight of the year), as a soundtrack to the Earth brightening again.

What I discovered in myself whilst playing these sounds pushed me forward as a human. I focused in much closer on all things to do with life, character, the self, how you perceive, how you love and fully connect with someone else deeply, and how to just try and fully exist happily with everyone and everything.

I feel like it’s taken me a long time to realise some things I should have a long time ago, but sometimes it is hard enough staying alive from day to day. I am here now. I have peace in my mind and heart for everything for the first time since birth.

It’s been a very bumpy ride at times, especially with this kind of wonkyquirkywhatever brain that I have, and I know there will be more bumps in days to come, but I guess it helps to go through all that to be able to see the contrast, and appreciate everything that is truly good about being here.

Life is always worth the perserverance, even when it feels like it’s not. The trick is to strive to feel as connected to the universe and everything that is in it; to co-exist alongside it, to not try and overpower or command it, to just be. You will see everything in a different light once you reach this state of mind.

A trve love letter to Blanka and everything else in nature, expressed in the form of ambient drone sounds with a little doom and noise.

‘a život je skvělý’
(and life is great)”

The Owl